When we first conceptualized Wiggy Wash, we knew that it would be of utmost importance for us to build a car wash system that would not only offer a superior vehicle cleaning combined with a fun environment for people of all ages, but we also wanted to create a system that efficiently used the resources available.

We are happy to report we have succeeded in all areas. Our eco-friendly wash tunnels utilize a state of the art water reclamation process by which we are able to recycle 90% of all the water used to give our cars our famous quality clean shine. In a desert climate like ours, this is very important to us. Learn more at

We did not stop with water efficiency. We went even further by installing an intelligent electrical wash system which controls and reduces electrical usage in our wash tunnels. Since our system uses water to wash cars, we also decided that using electrical and air-powered machinery would be safer for the environment that the alternative of using hydraulic power. This eliminates all risk of hydraulic oil leaking from the machinery and mixing with the water. Plus, we only use environmentally friendly bio degradable soaps and environmentally friendly chemicals at all Wiggy Wash locations.

As you can see, we not only are a great place to wash your car, but if you are concerned about conservation of resources and being environmentally friendly, we are the ideal choice.


Go Green WIggy