Additional services

Headlight Restoration
Headlights oxidize over time. This can cause unsafe driving conditions at night as well as a poor aesthetic look. Our seven-step headlight restoration starts by sanding down the surface of the headlight, removing all oxidation, scratches, and rock chips. The result is a headlight that looks brand new, allowing the light to reflect the way it was designed to crisply through the polymer surface. The finished product can create as much as 200 more feet of visibility at night.  
Enzyme Treatment
We use an enzyme treatment to eliminate any odors that are caused by living organisms such as mold, bacteria, pet accidents, and anything else that can continue to cause micro-organisms to create unwanted odors. This service is highly recommended to combine with a carpet or upholstery shampoo.
Meguiar's DA Polish

Maguire's Two-Step Paint Correction Polish

This two-step service was designed to remove light surface scratches (sometimes known as spider webs for their shape), cover paint imperfections, and leave a deeper buff and shine without the worry of paint swirls or expensive high speed buffing. The first step includes a correction compound with a specially designed microfiber pad to remove the imperfections. The second step is a polishing compound with its own specially designed pad to bring that brilliant luster back to the paint.Less
Odor bomb
This three-hour odor bomb treatment is a kit that can be completed either at Wiggy Wash or at home. It is a chlorine chemical combination that eliminates hard to remove odors such as tobacco smoke and other unpleasant smells that our enzyme treatment may not be able to remove.