Express Detail

express hand wax
From: $31.95

Protect your vehicle's paint and give it a beautiful shine. Using only the best Meguiar's Carnauba Wax, we ensure a deep clean, shine, and protection against contaminants that damage your vehicle's surface with an unconditional 90-day guarantee!Less
Why wax? Major car manufacturers recommend waxing regularly to protect the paint's clear coat.
Did you know?
— Wax bonds and helps prevent clear coat breakdown.
— Salt, oil, industrial fallout, acid rain, pollutants, bugs and many other contaminants are constantly trying to destroy your paint. 
— Waxing is like putting a shield on your investment from potential hazards. The sun can even break down the clear coat, causing oxidation.
— Waxing is a preventative maintenance measure that is recommended every 3-4 months.

Carpet Shampoo

Your vehicle's floor is the most heavily-used area. Our technicians use a citrus-based cleaner to scrub your carpet (including mats), removing the spills, dirt, and grime. Using a special stain treatment, they spot-treat any hard-to-remove stains and remove all contaminates deep down to the floor boards with our hot water extractors.

Upholstery shampoo
from: $31.95

Your seats get abused everyday with stains, spills, body oils, transferred grime, and bacteria. Our technicians can restore that fresh look, smell and feel with our upholstery shampoo service by scrubbing the material with a citrus-based cleaner, releasing these contaminates and spot-treating any stains while deeply removing all of this and more with our hot water extractors. 

Leather Treatment
From: $31.95

Revitalize that leather! Our technicians use a citrus-based shampoo, releasing all of the body oils, grime, and dirt from your leather. Then we apply a Meguiar's conditioner to restore your leather to that soft and supple feel, allowing the leather to breathe and to prevent your seats from drying out, causing the cracks and tears which are often a result of untreated leather. Our conditioner also contain UV protectants to prevent the leather from fading. Leather manufacturers recommend conditioning your leather every 6 months.

Vinyl treatment
from: $31.95

Want that new car feel? Our technicians scrub all of the interior plastic and vinyl with a citrus-based cleaner. They will blow out all of the vents, nook, and crannies with compressed air and then apply an interior dressing. Our interior dressing is not an ArmorAll product. It is a non-greasy conditioner that prevents the plastic from drying out, and its UV protectant properties keep the interior from fading. This service make your feel like you are driving off of the car lot in a new car again.

claybar treatment
from: $31.95

Industrial fallout, acid rain, hard water, rail rust, inversion contaminants and pollution are all dangers to your paint's surface. They bond and start to etch into the painted clear coat, destroying your vehicle's finish. Our technicians remove these emissions by using a liquid wax to lubricate a claybar that pulls contaminates from the paint surfaces, giving it a silky smooth finish and allowing a brilliant shine when waxed. 

boats/trailers & RVs

Call for an appointment today! Estimates can be customized to your needs and are based on the lineal foot. Get yours today!
Full Service Boat/Trail/RV Wash
Don't let that fun day at the lake turn into a day of cleaning. Let our technicians do the hard work for you.
Boat Exterior:
Remove Hard Water — Hand Wash Boat and Trailer — Marine Wax from Water Level Up — Clean tower — Shine tires
Boat Interior:
Shampoo carpet — Wash and Wipe Down all Hard Surfaces — Shampoo and Treat Seat Cushions — Clean Windows and Mirrors — Dry Vacuum Storage Compartments
Hand Wash Exterior — Claybar application — Hand wax — Hand Scrub Wheels — Shine tires