image Ashley Hughes

I love Wiggy Wash! It’s the best car wash around.

image Bradley Ryan Farrer

Great service, great price, always a great shine!

image Hans Lucas Wilson

Smiley friendly staff and my truck always leaves clean and shiny

image Ashley Hassell

I really like Wiggy wash. It cleans my car well and the lights inside the car wash make for a fun experience! My only concern is I feel like it doesn't dry my car as well as I'd like, but the service is great!

image Todd Freeman

Quick service and free vaccum.

image Glen E Black

Quick, efficient, and reasonable prices!

image Alisha Zahrt Breckenridge

I love how conveniently located it is. I hit up the wash after a movie or the grocery store. Super fast!

image Penny Blackburn Reeves

Great automatic car wash with good employees that make my car shine every time I go in. Love it!

image Gabe Henderson

As a person that works out of my car I love the VIP option at wiggy wash… Especially in the winter or I can quickly and efficiently get the salt off my car and have a car that looks good as I drive around town

image Jami Evans

Wiggy Wash is awesome! My car always looks good and the customer service is great!!