image Wells Brockbank

We love Wiggy Wash. We've been monthly card holders for years

image Amy Shepherd Butler

Haunted Tunnel was amazing in Orem

image Elysia Reyes

The haunted wiggy wash was so scary everyone should go great customer service and such a fun night for a date or family night 🎃

image Tyler Wright

Great customer service. Clean wash

image Letty Rodriguez

Nice and clean. And it is fast and easy

image Shawna Parker

This is a great carwash. Little or no wait ever. Great vacuums and they have cleaning supplies to use for free sometimes!

image James-Kimberlee Marsden

Very nice workers. Customer service is always great every time I go.

image Ben Dominguez

Fast clean and great people

image Valerie Crawford

Very high quality and the staff was so friendly!

image Dannette Clayson

Had a great experience. Clean car, tires as well, mats clean, free vacuums, glass cleaner, multi purpose cleaner and towels provided. Thanks!