We hope you're enjoying your VIP membership at Wiggy Wash.
We're updating our wash package options to continue streamlining our car wash services. Accordingly, our Express Exterior package will begin receiving our Ultimate package.
We're happy to report that you will begin receiving undercarriage flush, wheel & tire cleaner, triple shine foam, and Wiggy Repel during every visit as a member of the Ultimate VIP plan! Your monthly rate will change to $19.95 beginning on your next billing cycle following Oct. 1, 2022.
You will continue to have access to our free amenities such as vacuums, mat cleaners, towel carts, in addition to the quality wash service you've come to expect from Wiggy Wash.
The price of Ultimate, Ultimate Plus, Extreme, Extreme Plus, and Extreme Classic plans will not change.
Please feel free to contact us wiggywash.com/contact with any questions concerning your VIP membership.
We're so happy to have you as a VIP member at Wiggy Wash and look forward to serving you for years to come.